Reasons To Put up a Bird Feeder in Your Yard

Bird feeders provide more than just nourishment for feathered friends. There are lots of good reasons to put up a bird feeder in your yard.

Fun and Relaxation

Attracting birds to your yard with a feeder provides hours of entertainment and relaxation. It’s fun and soothing to observe the behavior of different bird species. A bird feeder offers the perfect excuse to just sit in a chair and stare out the window. After you’ve dutifully gotten your daily exercise, planned your healthy meals, and clocked out of working from home, watching birds is a great way to decompress. It’s also hilarious to see squirrels try to rob the feeder of seeds.

There’s some evidence to suggest that people perceive feeding birds as an act of kindness. When you do something kind, it makes you happier. The cheery colors of goldfinches, bluebirds, and cardinals, and the chittering and chirping of birds can boost your mood.

Bird Feeders Provide Education

Placing a bird feeder in your backyard creates educational opportunities for the whole family. You can compare notes on how different species behave, whether they like to perch on the feeder or eat on the ground, or how they defend themselves. You’ll learn how to identify birds by their plumage, silhouette, type of beak, and size. Bird feeders introduce the value of the natural world to young kids, and pique their curiosity to learn more.

Conservation and Pest Control

Land development has destroyed a lot of natural habitat for birds. Nature lovers have reacted by creating gardens of native plants and shrubs that provide birds with a new home. The feeder attracts them, and with a garden of native plants for shelter, they may build nests and sustain a bird population that would otherwise be in decline.

Birds also act as a form of natural pest and weed control. They eat much more than what they take from a feeder, including seeds from undesirable weeds. They eat mosquitoes, grubs, snails, worms, and spiders, too, helping get rid of pests.

When you’re ready to add a bird feeder to your yard, you can choose from hanging bird feeders for sale, feeders that attach to windows, or feeders that sit atop poles. To help you choose, read up on the types of birds you want to attract, how they feed, and what they like to eat.

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